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admin On January - 4 - 2010

Gamehouse. If you have been playing online games then you know about gamehouse. And for those who don’t, gamehouse is website that lets you play online game for free. You can free download gamehouse games which you like. The gamehouse website lets you free download games online.

Most of the games listed on gamehouse can be downloaded free of cost. These games are proper full versions. Only that they have limited play period of 60 minutes. Once you have played particular gamehouse game for 60 minutes, you need to uninstall them as you would no longer be able to play. Or if you really like that game, you can purchase the full version game from the gamehouse website. Best part of this type of online gaming model is that you get to try before you buy. You get complete 60 minutes to decide whether you like that particular game or not, so that you can decide on whether you should purchase the full version of that game. And if you don’t want to pay for just one full version game, gamehouse games offer exciting membership options. With membership options you get to one free download gamehouse game every month.

Though everyone like playing games online, the only problem is that you need to have internet connection. You need to login into your game website every time you want to play your favorite game. Hence now users can free download the game and play it whenever they want without the need of internet. You can play those games while you on the move. It’s not that you can’t access multiplayer features if you download the game on computers. It’s just that internet is just optional when you download the game on to your computer. If you have the internet you can still check out high scores of other users or if you get bored playing alone you can always start playing on multiplayer mode. Only problem with downloadable free games is that they are setup files. So if you don’t download game from a reliable or a trusted websites, there are chances that you might download game setup file which is infected with virus. And this setup in turn can infect your computer with virus. So if you do download game from not so reliable website, it’s always advisable to run an antivirus scan on that setup file. Another problem you can face when you download game on to your computer is compatibility issue.

Most popular games that are downloaded are the card games. Card games don’t require you to play online as multiplayer mode. You can play it alone with the computer. Most popular card games are poker, hearts, solitaire, blackjack, etc. And for sports and adventure freaks car racing games like monster truck, bike games are the most popular of the lot. And for the high IQ creatures they are many puzzle games that will make you think for sure.

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